Tapping Digital Beer

Exploring the successes and failures of beer brands in creating truly immersive digital experiences around people's lives.

Superbowl 2014 - hashtag fail

If marketers are spending up to $4million on TV commercial spots at the Superbowl, why are they following them up with poor hashtags?

Digit's 2013 Techolutions

 So we had a bit of a whip round in the Digit studio for New Year's Techolutions and some interesting themes arose in the responses. It seems that the traditional aspirations towards weight loss and self-improvement map onto our digital lives. On the…

Endless forms most wonderful

 "I want to have a feeling; I need to send a tweet". Well, when you put it that way (and the panellists at last week's Future Laboratory event on digital addiction did) then the Internet really does start to seem like a scary place where weird things…

Bah Humbug: A Little Yuletide Rant

 December is here and folks at Digit are getting into the Christmas spirit. At least some of us are.Last week I was beyond excited; pinterest boards gathered for inspiration, recipes scoured over, Christmas party finally agreed upon and booked,…